Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What we are working on Wednesday!

Two new patterns hitting the shop & website TONIGHT - The Amelya Dress & Lily Halter Dress!
You have to wait until they go up to see those though! 

But we will show you the new SKIRT that we are working on!  
We are hoping to have it up by the end of the weekend!

Yes, it takes TWO lollipops to get Harper to smile even for one of her favorite people, Kaylee!
(Kaylee is our super fabulous photographer who you can find here).  

So that is what is the works right now! 
If you would like to stop by and entertain my kiddos so I can finish sooner, I would not turn you down!


The Queen said...

Okay. I am loving this skirt! I can't wait to get the pattern. I have some cute fabric I picked up a long time ago just waiting for the perfect skirt pattern and this is it!

Anonymous said...

Exactly @The Queen! I saw this and it's exactly the skirt I've been needing. I love how it sits above the knees too, a lil short, rather than too long and it swallow my lil one. My daughter is tiny and she could soo wear something like this with her tall cowboy boots :D May use this for 4th of july with a matching applique shirt!


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