Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Lowdown on Sewing Machines!

We are often asked what kind of sewing machine we recommend.  Buying a sewing machine can be overwhelming, with the price range of current models ranging from $70.00 to $2,000!  I, {Patti}, will try to shed a little light on the choices available.

There are 4 main types of machines available:

1.  Mechanical machines are the simple machines using the technology that has been around for years.  They use knobs and levers to change and adjust stitches.  They are pretty basic for a beginner and reliable, but you will be limited and you may regret it in the future.  They usually don’t have a buttonhole feature.           

2.  An electronic sewing machine has more features than a mechanical, such as buttonhole features and some decorative stitches that can be accessed by pushing a button.

3.  A computerized sewing machine has a wide selection of stitch patterns, designs and even monograms at the touch of a button.  Some of the more expensive have the ability to connect to the computer, transferring your own designs from computer to fabric.

4.  A serger or overlock machine sews, trims and finishes the fabric at the same time, making a professional looking seam allowance. If you are going to be sewing with knits a serger will make it easier, but you will need a regular sewing machine for buttonholes and zippers.

I have the Brother XR9000 computerized machine.   It has the features I was looking for and the price was great.  It is quiet and smooth and buttonholes take about 30 seconds, by placing the button in the pressure foot.  I have done some simple monogramming and some of the 120 decorative stitches and after a few tries got great results.

Your choice has a lot to do with your budget and what you think you will be doing with your machine, but my recommendation would be to get the best machine you can afford, but we don't recommend just going with the cheapest. 

Hope that helps answer some of your questions about sewing machines!

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Melinda said...

I have a Bernina Artista 165 and LOVE IT! Couldn't live without the buttonhole feature and love to embroider. I just bought the Babylock Imagine Serger less than six months ago and can't begin to explain my love of this machine. It has the automatic air compression threading and it is AWESOME! Plus, i can sew things up in about five minutes with a super professional finish. It has saved me a HUGE amount of time! This was a great post. Thanks for the information!


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