Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What we are working on Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!

Ever feel like you just need to stop and getaway?  

My husband, Peter, had the busiest teaching year EVER, so we decided that right when school got out to drop everything and just get away!   I work on an on-call basis at our Ritz-Carlton here in Laguna Niguel, which gives me a pretty fabulous employee rate, so we booked a few days up in San Francisco at the Nob Hill Ritz!!  We somehow talked my mom and dad into coming along with us and they even agreed to watch the kids for one of the nights so we could have a date night! 

We packed into our mini-van.
{my parents sat in the WAY back - it was like a total role reversal!}
Thankfully, our kids are actually really great in the car!

We were total tourists the entire weekend!  
Maverick's - Peter got to show us the spot he dares to surf once in a while!

We almost blew away at the Golden Gate Bridge Lookout Spot!

Relaxed at The Beach Chalet with live music & lots of dogs so Harper was a happy girl!

Rode the Carousel!

Met "Captain Hook" - Asher is currently totally into Peter Pan!

 Got to spend lots of fun time with Captain!

 Played in a windmill!

 It was so nice to have Peter around for the whole weekend!

Asher LOVED the cable cars! 
{Gogo & Captain even bought him one - and yes, I said "Gogo & Captain"}

Despite the 14 hour trip home (we took Highway 1), we had a wonderful time!

 The Nob Hill Ritz is dreamy and the city is absolutely magical! 

But now it is time to get back to work!

This Wednesday, we are working hard to get the new ruffled skirt FINALLY finished!  We also have a one-shoulder, ruffle dress in the works, a new wrap dress with capped sleeves and a pleated bodice dress with a fun "twist" for the closure!

The Kylie Doll Dress and Doll Ruffle Pants are coming very soon as well!

Oh and a giveaway is in the works too!

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