Monday, October 29, 2012

New website!

We are so excited to launch our new & improved website. We hope it will make your shopping experience a little easier and a little more fun. We thought we would highlight a few of the new features here so you are ready to shop! First, you will be able set-up your own log-in allowing you to keep a record of your purchases and track your orders. We get emails now and then of customers who accidentally bought a pattern they already had, so hopefully this will prevent that. 
Second, you will be able to sign up for our newsletter. This will allow us to send our sales, upcoming patterns and any changes we have made to existing patterns right to your inbox. This is completely optional, but of course we would love to have you all sign up! 

There is also a feature that will automatically give you a discount when multiple patterns are added to your shopping cart. No more pattern bundles that required you to enter your pattern selections in the notes. Each time you add a pattern, your discount will increase! 

You will also be able to zoom on each product image and scroll though those images easily. This will give you a few angles of each pattern. 

The feature I am most excited about is our difficulty level chart! If you click on the spools of thread above the pattern description, you will have a chart pop-up and allow you to read the difficulty level that particular pattern has been assigned. 

The feature you might be most excited about is the INSTANT DOWNLOAD feature!  All PDFs will be emailed to the email address you provide at check-out within minutes of your payment!  No more 12 hour wait!  

We also have THREE new patterns that are available exclusively on our website for the next few days!  

The Maggie Dress
The Brooklyn Dress

The Tessa Dress

And there are several more new patterns to come over the next few weeks!  

So visit our new site!  Let us know what you think! 
Thanks so much for supporting Sew Sweet Patterns over the years! 
We appreciate all of you!


Anonymous said...

You make such beautiful children's clothing! Am I able to purchase any of your sewing patterns ? If so, how much do they run?

Keara Littner said...

Those little dresses look absolutely adorable! How difficult would they be to make if I had the patterns and materials? I'm sure my niece would love it if I made one for her birthday!
Keara Littner |


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