Monday, March 5, 2012

Pattern of the Week.

Is it Monday again, already?

Thanks to all of you who took advantage of our first pattern of the week sale. Hopefully you are all enjoying the Kate Dress pattern!

This week's pattern is The Tatum Dress.

The Tatum Dress is a great pattern for beginners who are ready for a little more than the pillowcase dress! It has casings along the neckline so there are no buttons, zippers or plackets needed. The sweet little sleeve adds a bit of extra frill. The tie is optional and is adorable when done in a contrasting fabric.

So just like last week, the Tatum pattern will be on sale on the website.

Happy Sewing!


Katie said...

The Tatum is def an easy sew but turns out so cute. It is a simple design with a great fit & looks precious on a lil girl!

Sew Sweet Patterns said...

Thanks Katie!

melissa said...

I'm just finishing my first Tatum dress for my 3yo's birthday! It is indeed very easy to whip up and incredibly cute. <3 Thanks for the great pattern!

Zia Joaquin said...

The Tatutm Twirl Dress has become an instant favorite! I'm making this too for my little one.

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